Live Music Concerts Santa Cruz - San Jose - Bay Area
Live Music Concerts Santa Cruz - San Jose - Bay Area

A short history of AC Zagato Motorcars

A Little History. AC Cars, formerly known as Auto Carriers Ltd., was a small British company manufacturing small cars at a small rate until the larger than live Caroll Shelby stepped into its life. While its history starts 1903, it wasn't until its iconic mid-50s AC ACE, otherwise known as Not-A-Cobra to aficionados that the little company garnered international interest. In 1962, Caroll Shelby seduced the company who then fit a small block V8 in it turning it an AC Cobra, then simply a Cobra and history was made. The Cobra was meant as a competitor to the Corvettes in the US and is still made in the same traditional form by many companies. Today AC has been renamed AC Cars by its new owners, Gullwing GmbH with its headquarters in Germany.

AC And Zagato. AC and Zagato have had a brief relationship in the past when the AC Ace Zagato of 1957 was made. AC also worked with another Italian coach maker, Frua with their AC Frua from 1965 to 1973. The company realized they needed a real GT tourer and simply used a Ford stretched six-inch Cobra 427 Chassis driven by a Ford FE 428 V8 pushing 400 hp under striking body. Fast forward today and you have the jaw dropping Zagato AC 378, rekindling both its heritage and passion in the British coupe tradition.

As far as Zagato, what can we say. Long associated with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Aston Martin, to name a few, the company has been busy these last years. Indeed, after just showing its stunning Aston Martin V12 Zagato in February, the venerable company showed a striking Alfa Romeo iteration of the amazing TZ2, the 2011 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale. In 2009 it showed a Bentley GTZ, and in 2003 yet another Aston Martin, the AR1.

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Live Music Concerts Santa Cruz - San Jose - Bay Area
Live Music Concerts Santa Cruz - San Jose - Bay Area

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